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Norman Haga

Meet Norman Haga?

Norman Haga is a self employed computer programmer and security penetration tester.  As an avocation, Norman Haga is a semi-professional guitar luthier. 


How did Norman Haga come to be?

An online extortion and fraud artist associated with the online mugshot and negative content industry contacted Norman Haga. That scammers name is Kelly Joe Ellis who owns and operates  At the time, Kelly Ellis had an association with as a removal agent. is another scam agency that falsely alleges that they contain accurate information about arrests across the nation.  Mr. Ellis contacted Norman Haga and offered to remove any booking photographs for an excessive one-time fee and a monthly recurring fee.  Norman Haga rejected Mr. Ellis offer.

When Mr. Ellis' offer was rejected and scorned by Norman Haga, Mr. Ellis then threatened Norman with harm to Norman, Norman Haga's family, Norman Haga's pet, the state one Norman Haga lives in, and the church that Norman Haga does not believe in attend or is even a member of.

Mr. Ellis then stole pictures of Norman Haga, branded them with a watermark, and then placed them online with every online consumer complaint board that Ellis could find.  These sites are RipOffReport, PissedConsumer, ComplaintsBoard, and probably several others.  Mr. Kelly went one step further and located a criminal case that has the name Norman Haga in it and claimed on the complaints boards that it was the Norman Haga that he was referring to.  Mr. Ellis has never offered a single iota of proof of his claims.

While the attack from Kelly Joe Ellis and the mugshots industry is declining, those individuals have enlisted Ed Magedson and RipOffReport in to their harassment. of Norman Haga. This makes the attacks against Norman Haga more severe because so many people believe that RipOffReport is a legitimate complaint site.  Norman Haga is being attacked because of an expose website that Norman Haga operates that examines the problems, the law, the operators, and will examine methods to mitigate the damage that the online negative content extortion scheme causes to an individual in their attempts to drive extortion fee's to themselves through the abuse of the internet.


There are others involved, such as Michael Robertson.  Michael Robertson lives in Brisbane, Australia and is a member of the hacking collective Anonymous.  His handle is Hal9000.  He probably has several other pseudonyms.

Norman Haga also has information that is suggestive of Google, or at minimum the Chief Financial Officer, Marc Rosenthal, of the Google owned CalPop servers in Los Angeles, California being complicit in pushing negative information to the top of the Google search results.

There are several others involved with the negative content and mugshot industries.  The information is far to complex to fully examine here.

Norman Haga also operates a forum to discuss these issues.  That forum is located at Norman Haga Forum.

What does Norman Haga advocate for?
Norman Haga advocates laws restricting the commercialization of public records similar to the laws of Colorado Revised Statutes 24-72-305.5